Why Serviced Lawrence Kansas Apartments Are Better For Long Stays

Why Serviced Lawrence Kansas Apartments Are Better For Long Stays

If you are planning to visit Kansas for more than a few weeks, choosing to stay in a hotel might not be the best option. While hotel accommodation provides comfort, security and many luxuries, the economics on staying in a hotel room for long periods of time are not good at all. Your bill could end up being tens of thousands of dollars. One of the best alternatives to hotel accommodation is arguable serviced Lawrence Kansas apartments.

Serviced apartments are not only much more economical, they also provide amenities missing from hotels, such as access to a washer and dryer. In the past, these apartments provided only basic services likes onsite security and housekeeping. Nowadays, however, modern serviced apartments offer temporary residents access to all kinds of facilities including secure parking, pools, gyms, fitness centers and saunas.

Due to the fact that serviced apartments are more affordable than hotel accommodation for long stays, many employers are now opting for such housing for their staff who need to carry out work in a different city. The accommodation option provides guests with more freedom and privacy.

Families with small children and those traveling with a large group of people might also find serviced apartments to be a better option for Lawrence vacation accommodation. After all, who wouldn’t want access to onsite laundry facilities when traveling with kids. Unless you want to pack lots of changes of clothes, it is almost inevitable that you will have to do some laundry during to a long stay vacation. Many people can’t afford the expensive fees hotels charge for laundry services.

Another great thing about staying in an apartment block as opposed to a hotel is that you can save a small fortune on your food bill. It is not really possible to prepare food in a hotel room, which means you would have to eat out for every single meal during your stay. When you have a serviced condo in Lawrence, however, you have access to your own private kitchen furnished with all the cooking equipment you need to prepare meals. That said, some budget apartments have shared cooking facilities, so it’s important to check. Especially if you often cook during unsocial hours as that could disturb other residents.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of service apartments is that they offer you a home away from home. Many people get homesick when staying in a new city for extended periods of time for work and having your own fully furnished apartment can help to make your stay more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about missing access to household utilities and appliances. In addition, you are often allowed to have overnight guests stay with you, which is not normally possible in hotel accommodations.

Lawrence Kansas apartments also offer you much more space to store your belongings and many of them are located in quieter areas of the city. This means you don’t have to worry about nightlife noise keeping you up at night. That said, if you want to be located right in the heart of the city center, you are sure to be able to find apartments in the area, but just note that monthly rents will be much higher.

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