Lawrence KS Restaurants For Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Lawrence KS Restaurants For Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Your restaurant choices in Lawrence KS are going to make you excited. That’s especially the case since you’re going to know a few of the top dining establishments in the entire city. The meals you eat when traveling accentuate your adventures, and you want to enjoy some delicious meals. Stop by one of these three excellent establishments, and prepare to eat well.

Let’s do it this way. Allow me to show you a place for breakfast, a place for lunch and a place for dinner. First up is your breakfast spot. I reviewed The Big Biscuit in another article, and it’s a great choice. To show you more of your options, let’s look at one I haven’t reviewed called Global Cafe. Global Cafe is located at 820 Massachusetts Street, and one popular menu item is called the Mexican Scramble. You will find all kinds of delicious breakfast foods there, including fluffy pancakes.

For lunch, why not stop by Papa Keno’s Pizzeria. Pizza always sounds like a plan, and this establishment serves up some of the best pizza pies you will find in the city of Lawrence. Papa Keno’s Pizzeria is located at 1035 Massachusetts Street, and you can order up pizza by the slice or the entire pizza pie. Both the slices and the pizzas are enormous according to reviewers. Choose from a wide variety of toppings, and build your own pizza if you like. This place would certainly be a hit with families.

The dinner recommendation is The Salty Iguana. The Salty Iguana is located at 4931 West 6th Street, and the fajitas, street tacos and margaritas are said to be superb. The spinach enchiladas are said to be a menu favorite. Are you a University of Kansas basketball fan? If so, people talk about enjoying a meal and watching a basketball game at the same time. Evidently, this place has a pretty lively atmosphere and would make for an entertaining dinner. One person called this place the Lizard of Oz.

Lawrence KS sounds like it is home to some pretty awesome restaurants, doesn’t it? You have three great recommendations, no matter which meal of the day you are planning at the moment. Pizza, scrumptious breakfast food and The Salty Iguana await you and your family. What’s it going to be? Don’t forget about the other quick mention, too, The Big Biscuit. That’s a bonus pick for you so that you have plenty of places to enjoy a good meal in Lawrence KS.

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